They say that the world is an oyster – yours, and as we all jolly well know, an oyster ain’t all that big to begin with. Could it really be, that the vastness of the oceans as well as all the continents of the world is far too small a place for someone as great as you? Nah, not really, but this does not mean you ought to remain detached from everyone else, does it? After all, with the advent of modern day technology, keeping in touch with your family and friends across numerous continents should not be too difficult a task – there are plenty of instant messaging software and apps, not to mention the mainstay for many a long distance relationship – Skype.

With more than 200 countries worldwide, one question begs to be asked, “Is it possible to call every one on Skype?” Mark Malkoff took the bold step of finding out, and this is what he has garnered from his adventure which you can watch in the video above. Gotta love Skype compared to older technologies such as sending smoke signals across a mountain range, or perhaps to flash some light across the length and breadth of the sea with vain hope that a vessel will be able to catch your alert. [Press Release]

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