satis-lixil-toilet-japan-smartphone-remote-control-2With everything being connected these days and with the tag line “There’s an app for that” becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy, it seems that even our toilets are not spared. For those wondering what we’re talking back, back in 2012 we reported how a Japanese company was rolling out an Android app for its Satis-line of “smart” toilets that would basically allow the user to control several functions of it, such as choosing how much water they want to flush with, operating the bidet and choosing the level of water pressure, and so on.

While it is a novel idea and we’re not sure why do people need such fancy toilets to begin with, it turns out that perhaps the app could prove to be more trouble than it is worth. According to security company, Trustwave Holdings, they have discovered a flaw within the app that would basically allow anyone to download the app and use it to control your toilet as long as they are within Bluetooth range, making it a perfect prank to play on family members and friends who are visiting.

According to the researchers, the app has a hard-coded Bluetooth PIN of “0000”, so anyone can download the app, enter the PIN and pair with your toilet and ultimately caused havoc such as random flushes while someone is in the toilet, the water bidet to come into operation suddenly and so on. We’re guessing this is more funny than it is “dangerous”, but still we reckon the app should be patched either way.

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