I think it’s safe to say we’re all big fans of toilets seeing how they help us regularly in our time of need. Toilets in the U.S. are probably far from the best around the world, but they’re certainly a step up from a hole in the ground found in a number of countries. In Japan, toilets are an entirely different product as they offer a number of features like heated seats.

Lixil will be introducing three new Satis model toilets in Spring 2013 that will have you wanting to book a one-way ticket to Japan, or at least looking into how exactly you’d import one of these toilets to the U.S. Each toilet will be compatible with your Android smartphone as Lixil will release its own application that connects to your toilet through Bluetooth.

The My Satis Android app allows you to interact with your toilet in a number of ways like remotely lifting the seat, remote flushing as well as calendars that can estimate your water and energy usage as well as a “toilet diary” that can be used to check on your health. You can also play music through your toilet’s speakers, for those of you who prefer not to let visitors know when and how you’re doing your business.

The price of each toilet ranges from $2,385 to $4,657, although when you consider how much you can interact with your toilet, the price of admission is worth it as long as I can interact with it through my phone, especially after a long night of Taco Bell.

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