swtor-logoBioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic got off to a pretty good start, but unfortunately over time they started to lose players and eventually dropped the subscription model in favor of going free-to-play. However this seemed a bit unfair to gamers who have been loyally paying for the service and BioWare announced that they would be rewarding their subscribers to show their appreciation for their loyalty to the game. The first wave of rewards were handed out in the form of Cartel Coins, and a second round of rewards was supposed to be given as well, but it looks like that will no longer be happening.

This was confirmed by Eric Musco, the Community Manager of Star Wars: The Old Republic , whose statement revealed that the reason behind the cancellation of the reward was because of technical hurdles in which they will not be able to deliver on their promise. The “tech hurdles” were not specified but either way SWTOR players will not be receiving any rewards in the near future. The good news is that BioWare are looking at other ways in which they can reward their players, although when exactly will this reward be given out remains to be seen.

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