Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is a relatively new game at four months old, but players who log into the game might have noticed that some servers are sporting “light” population even at peak times. Could the game have lost its novelty? Some gamers and analysts believe that it has, which might account for the heavy marketing. Apparently this isn’t the case according to BioWare, which revealed that while subscriber numbers haven’t dropped, the number of players logging in on a regular basis has.


In an interview with PC Gamer, BioWare’s Daniel Erickson revealed that the company is doing “anything and everything” in order to entice players back into the game. This includes planned updates that will feature a more robust group finder, quality of life features along with new content like the recent plague event that got everyone talking.

While I don’t play the game personally, friends of mine who were extremely excited about the game when it first launched have started logging in less and less due to a variety of reasons, i.e. work, life, family, waning interest, etc. SWTOR players out there, are you starting to notice less players on your server, or have you yourself started to log in less as well, and what are your reasons?

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