xiaomi-boxEarlier this evening, we talked about this particular device known as the Xiaomi Box, but it was just a fleeting mention, as the main “meat” of the article happened to be about the 8-core processor in a future XiaoMi smartphone. Well, here we are with additional details concerning the upcoming Xiaomi Box, which happens to be a small device that enables folks who own it run Android apps on your TV, meaning you are able to stream Internet radio, video, and other kind of compatible content. Who knows? It might eventually end up as a highly affordable game console for your living room (or wherever else you prefer your man-cave to be located at).

According to CNBeta, the folks over at Xiaomi claim that the Xiaomi Box will feature support for Android games in due time. At the moment, the Xiaomi Box will ship with a wireless remote control that allows you to navigate media. Should Xiaomi decide to throw in support for Android games into the mix, who knows, they might yet open up another revenue channel, that is by selling gamepad-style controllers. We are also not ruling out the possibility of a new hardware package that will boast of more beefed up specifications alongside a game controller, of course.

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