The rivalry between Apple and Samsung is no secret. Both companies are head to head against each other in the global mobile device market, not only that, they’re also involved in a number of lawsuits which don’t seem to have an end in sight. Despite that, Samsung and Apple have had a big working relationship, with the former supplying parts and components for the fruit company’s various devices. Prior to the release of the new iPhones, it was rumored that Apple might move its processor business away from Samsung, but it has been discovered that the new A7 processor is manufactured by none other than the Korean behemoth.

The folks at iFixit and Chipworks came together to tear down the iPhone 5S after it was released on September 20th. They have discovered that design and manufacturing processes on Apple’s new A7 chip indicate its manufacturer. Taiwan’s TSMC was rumored to become the major supplier for Apple once its contract with Samsung ended, but it appears that Apple hasn’t decided to end its reliance on Samsung just yet. The company is also expected to supply Apple with Retina display panels for the iPad mini 2, which according to recent rumors might be unveiled at a separate media event next month.

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