apple-vs-samsung3Samsung and Apple are certainly not the bosom buddies that they used to be, and you could more or less pin some of the blame on the battle that is being carried out in the smartphone as well as tablet arena, where Samsung has come into its own in both markets with a slew of devices that they have rolled out in recent memory. Both companies have since brought each other to court, pointing fingers at one another that their rival actually infringed upon some of their own respective patents, so it is all one big legal mess out there. In fact, lawsuits are being thrown about in various countries worldwide, and the latest development in the courtroom happens to occur in the Land of the Rising Sun.

In a Japanese court, it ruled that Samsung had actually infringed on Apple’s bounce-back patent which happens to ‘bounce’ the screen should a user eventually scroll through to the end of the page. While Samsung did alter that particular infringement in their newer and current models, there is still a bunch of older models out there that continues to infringe upon Apple’s patent. We continue to await for the full details of the decision which will roll out in due time with bated breath.

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