ipad-mini-2When you have a high profile company such as Apple, any move that they make would definitely come under the microscope of the masses. Not only that, the world on the whole has generally stopped whatever they are doing in recent years just to see what new stuff Apple has thought up of, and the next generation iPad mini is definitely not an exception to this rule. In fact, we have had to go through a slew of rumors concerning the new iPad mini in the past few months, among them including its speculated release date, numerous delays and reasons accompanying it as well as some backtracking, not to mention LG, Sharp and AU Optronics being listed as possible display suppliers for the next generation iPad mini.

Well, we do know that Apple and Samsung’s working relationship is not one that would imply them being the proverbial “best buddies”, no thanks to some spats in the past, and while there were rumors going around earlier this year that Apple would not be working with Samsung for the new iPad mini, although the WSJ is reporting otherwise now. Apple might have managed to overcome display issues concerning the new iPad mini with the help of Samsung, where it was cited that “people familiar with the matter” informed WSJ that Apple had to settle for Samsung’s display division in order to deliver the visual goods for the new iPad mini.

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