Both AT&T and Apple were sued back in 2010 over their claims of offering unlimited data for the original iPad, which came out that year. The lawsuit was brought when the unlimited data claims of the original iPad were later withdrawn by the carrier. Frustrated customers then sued both companies claiming that the bait-and-switch tactic was applied, and nearly three years later, a favorable outcome has appeared for them. U.S. District Judge Ronald Whyte of San Jose, California has approved a plan under which Apple will pay $40 to those U.S. based customers who bought or ordered an original iPad 3G before June 7th, 2010.

Customers who purchased an iPad 3G but did not get a mobile plan will receive a $20 per month discount on the current 5GB monthly data plan of AT&T. That said, don’t expect your cheque in the mail anytime soon if you’re one of those customers. This deal will receive final approval in February 2014 after which Apple will start sending out the money. It will attempt to contact everyone who is eligible for the payout and will send a cheque worth $40. Those AT&T customers who no longer own their original iPad will be eligible for the $20 per month discount as well.

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