ebay-green-data-centerGoing green has been a pretty popular mantra for quite some time already, as the developed world realizes that there just isn’t enough energy to go around for everyone, not to mention that with more and more folks able to purchase vehicles, the world is going to get a whole lot warmer in double quick time. Apart from that, the growing use of computers and demand for additional space translates to data centers that consume a whole lot of juice in order to maintain all of those servers. This means companies like eBay tend to lose a whole lot of revenue each time there is no power, which is why eBay has been working to develop a “greener” data center in South Jordan, Utah, which will hopefully relegate costly and unpredictable blackouts to a thing of the past.

This new data center is now operational like the Death Star, except that it relies on thirty fuel cells which were developed by Bloom Energy, to transform natural gas into electricity using an electro-chemical process. Apar t from that, eBay intends to offset its carbon footprint by harvesting the “heat waste” generated from natural gas pipelines, transforming it into energy for its Utah site. Captain Planet could not be any prouder for sure.

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