Google-Hangouts-logoIf you are a frequent user of Google Talk or Google Hangouts, you might want to pause the chatting for a bit because according to a smattering of reports, it seems that for some reason messages that are supposed to be sent to a particular person, end up being sent to someone else, or in some cases, to multiple people at the same time! For the most part this can be pretty embarrassing for some users, but for those conducting their business over Google Chats or Hangouts and don’t want the sensitive information to get out, then this is a glitch you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

When contacted by ZDNet about the issue, a Google spokesperson was quoted as saying, “We’re investigating reports of an issue with Google Talk. We’re sorry for the inconvenience. For further updates please refer to the Apps Status Dashboard.” According to ZDNet, they have confirmed that this is an issue within the Google Apps for Business accounts, including those who might not have updated to the new Hangouts platform yet. It is unknown as to when Google will get around to fixing this, but presumably ASAP, and like Google suggested, checking the Apps Status Dashboard will probably the best way to find out if and when the problem has been resolved. In the meantime you might want to hold off on chatting for a bit.

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