It seems that over in the Middle East, games have a tendency to be released ahead of their intended schedule, and for one lucky gamer, he seems to have managed to get his hands on Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 almost a week ahead of its release. The game has been pegged for a release on the 17th of September for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 but this guy claims to have bought the game ahead of time. He did not specify which retailer he bought it from, but based on the photos that he has posted, some are claiming that it is a legit purchase.

The video above basically shows us some of the goodies the guy got together with his game, and goes on to give examples of how some games such as the Call of Duty franchise and Metal Gear Solid 4 have been released before their street dates, so for some retailers to start offering up GTA 5 before the official date is not a complete surprise. In any case obviously Rockstar will not be too pleased about this, and hopefully some gamers who did get their hands on the game earlier than everyone else will have the decency not to post spoilers.

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