octa-core-htc-oneThe HTC One was announced and released earlier this year and while the handset featured some pretty impressive hardware and was met with generally positive reviews, sales of the device weren’t that impressive and perhaps the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 played a part. In any case it looks like the HTC One could be on the end of a hardware refresh, thanks to a screenshot sent in to Greek website, Tech Community. According to the screenshot, it alleges that the HTC One would get a hardware update where it would see its quad-core processor upgraded to an octa-core processor, and see its RAM bumped from 2GB to 3GB.

It is unclear who will be making the octa-core chipset for HTC because obviously it won’t be Samsung who will want to keep the Exynos lineup an exclusive for their own phones, and while MediaTek comes to mind, theirs is based on the Cortex-A7 design which isn’t the most powerful chipset at the moment. Of course the screenshot could be a fake since it won’t be hard to photoshop the words “Octa-core” into the menu, but what do you guys think? Could we be seeing an octa-core HTC One handset in the near future?

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HTC One (M7)
1920x1080 TFD LCD
Price (approximative)
~$150 - Amazon
4 MP
F2.0 Aperture Size
Image Stabilization
143 g
2300 mAh
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Snapdragon 600 + None
Storage (GB)
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