I am quite sure that a fair number of people out there were awed by Infinity Blade III’s prowess, and interestingly enough, ChAIR Entertainment themselves were pleasantly shocked by the iPhone 5s’ processing power, which means those of you who have placed a pre-order for the iPhone 5s and will be getting your handset on September 20th ought to be able to dig into the game right from the get go. In fact, Infinity Blade III will be made available on September 18th itself, and today, ChAIR Entertainment has revealed the cinematic opening to the game, where it will be known as “Infinity Blade: Origins”.

Infinity Blade: Origins comes across as a highly stylized short film that was created by acclaimed animation director, Ben Hibon (whose portfolio includes Harry Potter, Heavenly Sword, and Mirror Mirror among others) as well as Axis Animation. Award-winning actor John Noble (The Lord of the Rings, Fringe) would perform the narration as the Worker of Secrets, and Origins will offer players with a dramatic overview of the Infinity Blade universe as well as the quest that will eat up many hours of your life ahead. Would Infinity Blade III be under your list of “must not miss” games?

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