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Epic Removes ‘Infinity Blade’ From Fortnite For Being OP
Following the announcement that Epic would be pulling the Infinity Blade trilogy from the iOS App Store, the company later announced that the Infinity Blade weapon would find a new home in Fortnite Battle Royale. It was Epic’s way of paying tribute to the franchise and it seemed like a rather fitting tribute.

Epic’s Infinity Blade Continues To Live On Within Fortnite
Yesterday Epic announced that they would be effectively killing off its Infinity Blade franchise by removing the games from the iOS App Store. However according to Epic, they hinted that Infinity Blade could still appear in places we least expect. “As we bid farewell, be sure to keep your eyes peeled! You may find Infinity Blade popping up in places you wouldn’t expect.”

Epic Removes Infinity Blade Trilogy From The App Store
In the early days of the iPhone whenever a new iPhone was launched, Apple would bring Epic Games onto stage where they would announce the launch of a new Infinity Blade game. The point that they were trying to make was that the iPhones were capable of handling games of that calibre.

Infinity Blade Could Be Making Its Way Onto The Xbox One
The Infinity Blade franchise has long been an exclusive to iOS devices and was designed to show off the iPhone’s graphics capabilities. However all of that came to an end with Infinity Blade 3 which turned out to be the last game in the franchise, at least as far as iOS devices are concerned.But could the game see a new lease of life as a title for other devices? Well […]


Infinity Blade III: Kingdom Come Will Be The Last Update In The Series
When Chair announced the first Infinity Blade game, safe to say that many gamers were amazed with the graphics of the game, especially given the fact that it was designed for mobile phones in mind. With every new release of an Infinity Blade game, the graphics and the gameplay got a little better.However it looks like the Infinity Blade universe could soon be coming to an end. Chair has recently […]

Infinity Blade III Has Finally Been Released
It was back in August when we first heard that Infinity Blade III, the third title in this popular series, was already under development. At Apple’s iPhone launch event on September 10th, the game was unveiled for the first time. Infinity Blade III was shown off during Apple’s keynote by ChAIR Entertainment’s creative director and founder Donald Mustard, who said that the game takes full advantage of the new 64-bit processor […]

Infinity Blade: Origins Cinematic Revealed
I am quite sure that a fair number of people out there were awed by Infinity Blade III’s prowess, and interestingly enough, ChAIR Entertainment themselves were pleasantly shocked by the iPhone 5s’ processing power, which means those of you who have placed a pre-order for the iPhone 5s and will be getting your handset on September 20th ought to be able to dig into the game right from the get […]