microsoft-shanghaiWhat is this that we hear? Is Microsoft not content with their Xbox video game console business alone, that they want to expand their horizons? It seems that Microsoft themselves has formed a joint venture with a Shanghai media giant known as BesTV, and this partnership’s main aim is to roll out a new games device that will deliver streaming entertainment services. Unfortunately for the rest of the world, this joint venture looks set to be limited within the shores of China itself. The companies did put up a note on the Shanghai Stock Exchange that shed more light on such an operation that is tipped to launch with an initial investment of $237 million.

So far, there has been reports on the ground which have yet to be vetted, where Chinese media touted that this new joint venture will see a console launch that is based on Xbox technology, calling it the Bestpad. Not exactly the most inspiring or innovating names out there, but I guess with BesTV as one of the partners, it makes sense. It remains to be seen whether this Bestpad will be a success in China, and if it is, will it cannibalize on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One sales?

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