firefox24Mozilla has recently introduced yet another version of their hugely popular Firefox browser for the Android mobile operating system as well as the desktop browser, and you can bet your bottom dollar that there are plenty of interesting changes to look forward to in this latest version. In fact, one of the major features of the Firefox 24 release would be support for WebRTC. WebRTC happens to be a real-time-communication protocol which enables you to perform various actions such as making video calls in a web browser, and other browsers that have already supported WebRTC include Google Chrome, and Firefox for Windows Mac, and Linux. With this, you can now make use of web apps that play nice with WebRTC in order to make video calls from a handset to a desktop or notebook, and alternatively, from Firefox to Chrome.

As for Firefox 24 for Android, some of the changes include the ability to share open tabs between mobile devices using NFC, a night mode that paves the way for a better reading experience in Reader, a Quick Share pop-up that will appear with icons for your most frequently used sharing methods, among others. Have you given Firefox 24 a go already, and how do you find it so far?

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