RS1385_southampton-water-minecraftWe’ve seen people create some pretty amazing things with Minecraft, recreating entire worlds from other games, and now it looks like the Ordnance Survey has decided to use Minecraft to recreate the British terrain, only missing out on Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man. For those unfamiliar, the Ordnance Survey is basically Britain’s national mapping agency and the Minecraft recreation was thanks to their in-house mapping tools, OS Terrain 50 and OS VectorMap District. The entire creation took them two weeks to put together and is 22 billion blocks big.

According to Graham Dunlop, the Innovation Lab Manager at Ordnance Survey, “The purpose of our Labs team is to explore and assess ideas for new products and services. When Joseph Braybrook joined the team as part of Ordnance Survey’s summer internship programme, we discovered he was an avid Minecraft fan and we decided to explore the potential educational benefits of the popular video game. We decided to build a Minecraft world using free-to-use OS OpenData products to display the landscape and terrain of Great Britain.” Pretty impressive, huh? Imagine if it took 22 billion blocks to recreate the entire Britain, we can only imagine how many blocks it would take if someone, or a team, were to recreate the entire planet Earth.

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