KalimdorIf you’ve always wondered what World of Warcraft would look like if it was an 8-bit game, you don’t have to wonder anymore. A Minecraft player who goes by the name of “Rumsey” is attempting to create a replica of Azeroth (the World of Warcraft) in the correct scale in Minecraft. So far he’s managed to successfully recreate Kalimdor, one of the continents in the game. While it wasn’t done manually (he developed a program to help him do the job automatically) it isn’t any less impressive.


This is only the beginning as Rumsey plans to recreate everything in Minecraft, including all the continents and dungeons found in World of Warcraft. Talk about ambitious! When the world is completed, he plans to put it online so other people can come in the world and have fun as well. Let’s hope Blizzard won’t give him any trouble for doing so. Imagine if people quit World of Warcraft to immerse themselves in Minecraft World of Warcraft instead?

Head here for more images and to keep up with the project.

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