samsung-logoApple’s iOS products have typically been made using “premium” materials such as glass and metal, and for the most part Samsung has resorted to using plastic. Granted sometimes it’s what’s under the hood that matters, but of course first impressions do count as well and according to a report from Korean news publication, Etnews, word has it that Samsung could be looking to start using more “premium” materials in their smartphones starting next year.


The report claims that Samsung is expected to build a line for producing metal cases which will then be used by the company’s premium devices, which we can only assume refers to products like the Galaxy S-series and Galaxy Note series of devices. The line is expected to produce metal cases using materials such as magnesium and aluminum. Given that there have been so many iterations of the iPhone and iPad to date, we’re not sure why Samsung has decided to finally hop aboard the metal-case bandwagon.

It is possible that their competitors such as Sony and HTC could have added the pressure, not to mention Nokia has also dabbled in a metal case with the Lumia 925, thus forcing Samsung to finally play catch up. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think? Would you like to see a metal Samsung Galaxy S5 next year?

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