Sony announced its PlayStation Vita TV earlier this month would be made available to Asian markets some time in January 2014 with no current plans for the product to be released in North America or Europe. It looks as though Sony may be changing their tune in regards to a possible U.S. / European release, according to Sony’s senior vice president and division president of business division 1 at Sony Computer Entertainment Masayasu Ito.

Ito-san spoke with Engadget at this week’s Tokyo Game Show regarding the PlayStation Vita TV and consumer response in Western territories. “During the presentation yesterday, the European / American users showed a very strong response, more than we expected, and there has been a strong inquiry / request / demand that they want the product,” Ito-san said. “Of course we are thinking of launching in the EU and US, but in terms of timing we have to watch the timing and watch the environment carefully.”

This certainly is a step in the right direction considering Sony wasn’t even planning on releasing the PlayStation Vita TV to Western markets just a few weeks ago. It just goes to show if gamers make their voices heard, publishers and manufacturers will most likely listen to the feedback they receive and may or may not do something about it. I mean, look what happened with the Xbox One due to consumer feedback.

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