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PlayStation Vita TV Discontinued In Japan
Sony launched the PlayStation Vita TV back in 2013. The device is a home console spin-off of the PlayStation Vita handheld console and it can also be hooked up to the PlayStation 4 for access via Remote Play. The device hasn’t done well on Sony’s home turf which is why the company has decided to discontinue PlayStation Vita TV shipments in Japan.

Sony Reconsidering PlayStation Vita TV Launch In U.S., European Markets
Sony announced its PlayStation Vita TV earlier this month would be made available to Asian markets some time in January 2014 with no current plans for the product to be released in North America or Europe. It looks as though Sony may be changing their tune in regards to a possible U.S. / European release, according to Sony’s senior vice president and division president of business division 1 at Sony Computer Entertainment […]

PlayStation Vita TV Not Releasing In the U.S., Europe 'At This Point'
Last week, Sony held a pre-TGS event where they made some major announcements, such as its newer PS Vita as well as its PlayStation Vita TV. We’re pretty sure the newer PS Vitas will be making their way to the U.S. in no time, but as of now, the future of the PlayStation Vita TV’s U.S. release may not be so certain.

Sony Publishes Promotional Video Highlighting New PS Vita, PlayStation Vita TV
Sony made some major announcements earlier today during the company’s pre-TGS event, such as the new PlayStation Vitas and PlayStation Vita TV. To help bring it all together, Sony has published a new promotional video which shows off some of their newly-announced products, but it also serves as a way to show just how much you’ll be able to interact with your PlayStation products throughout a typical day.The video Sony published today, […]


PlayStation Vita TV Won't Run All Vita Games
Sony made a number of announcements this morning that many PlayStation and PlayStation Vita fans were probably really excited about. We heard PlayStation 3 Final Fantasy XIV players will be able to play their favorite MMO on their PlayStation 4 through a free upgrade, as well as some interesting PS Vita news, such as the new slimmer and lighter Vita as well as the Vita TV. The latter of the two seems to […]