ps-vita-tvEarlier this month, Sony did announce the PS Vita TV which certainly took a number of people by surprise, and that announcement was accompanied by yet another high profile mention – that the Sony PS4 will arrive in Japan, Sony’s home country, a good three months after the PS4 experiences a launch in the US sometime in the middle of November this year. That is certainly a bummer when it comes to fans of Sony who live in Japan, as this compact device known as the PS Vita TV will deliver a kind of functionality that is somewhat Vita-like in nature, albeit with a DualShock 3 controller as well as TV output. I suppose in a way to “appease” the masses, the PS Vita TV is set to launch in Japan this coming November 14th.


It seems that feelers on the ground at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show event in Japan has revealed that the Sony PS Vita TV will also arrive on store shelves in other Asian countries, where among them include China and Korea, this coming January 2014, although pricing details for the PS Vita TV in those countries and territories have yet to be confirmed or announced. Will Europe or the US ever get the PS Vita TV? Only time will tell.

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