tmobile-adIt seems that the folks over at T-Mobile seem to have run into a little bit of an issue here, as they have now caught the attention of folks over from the National Advertising Division. The National Advertising Division happen to be a group which monitors advertising on behalf of the Council of Better Business Bureaus, concerning some of its more recent advertisements that have been directed at AT&T. The NAD (as they are known in short) are not too happy with a bunch of T-Mobile’s claims concerning AT&T’s network in its ads, where one of them claimed that T-Mobile’s network delivers 50% additional bandwidth compared to AT&T.

The NAD has gone ahead to describe such a claim as “flawed” as it compares T-Mobile and AT&T’s HSPA networks, all the while ignoring AT&T’s 4G LTE coverage. Not only that, the NAD is confident that they can back up their stand as there simply is not enough evidence available to depict that AT&T’s combined HSPA and LTE networks will plod along slower in a more congested compared to T-Mobile’s service. Not only that, T-Mobile has been asked to stop laying claim that they have the “most advanced technology” and “faster 4G service” in its ads.

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