20130715_super_street_fighter_4While Capcom has been the name behind many popular arcade games in the past, safe to say the company is well-known for titles such as Street Fighter. Well it looks like Capcom might have another arcade fighting game up its sleeves, according to Yoshinori Ono, the executive producer from the Street Fighter series. This is according to a tweet by Ono which reads, “I want… no, Capcom wants Game Designer and programer for New Fighting Game. Its location at Tokyo or Osaka Studio.” Ono also goes on to confirm that the studio is currently making preparations for the development of said game, but was unable to confirm if it would be a next-gen title, although given that the game is in its early stages and with next-gen consoles being released next month, it would be a safe bet.

It’s interesting that Ono has confirmed that a new fighting game is in the works, especially since a few months ago, he was reported as saying that at that point in time, they did not have the budget or the staff necessary to make Street Fighter V for next-gen consoles. Perhaps this new game could be Street Fighter V, or it could be a brand new IP, but whatever the case do not expect to see it anytime soon, but we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for more info. In the meantime who else is hoping that this is Street Fighter V for next-gen consoles?

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