Google Glass is yet to be launched for the public, but there’s already a lot of hype surrounding Google’s wearable gadget. The company has only offered it to a select few people who’re called “Explorers.” A few days ago the company announced that it will now be rolling out updated units of Google Glass to Explorers. Its evidently ramping up production, as it will soon allow Explorers to invite three people they want to the Glass program, who’ll be able to purchase their own units. Apparently Google will allow sell accessories for the wearable gadget, as screenshot of a Google Glass accessory store has surfaced online.

It is believed that this accessory store went live just recently, though it doesn’t appear to be accessible unless and until you have a Glass unit. Among the accessories being offered are the new mono earbuds, that Google has replaced the bone conduction speaker with. Mono earbuds cost $50 on the Google Glass accessory store. An extra cable, microfiber pouch and charger combo and clear shield are also on sale, for $50 and $75 respectively. There may also be sunglasses from Maul Jim and Zeal Optics, though they’re reportedly not available right now in the store, perhaps they’ll be added at a later date. When does Google intend to sell Glass to the public? If rumors are to be believed, sometime next year. [Image via Nick Starr]

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