Updated Google Glass units were reported as to currently be on the way as the company has announced existing Glass Explorers will be able to swap out their current units for new ones sometime later this year. The updated Google Glass would include compatibility with prescription frames as well as sunglasses and will include a mono earbud, but up until now, we haven’t seen what the new connected specs will look like. Well – Google published some new photos as to what they look like on the product’s Google+ page. 


As you can see from the image Google published of the new Google Glass, one of the first things you’ll probably take note of is that mono earbud, which you can see is being worn by the model wearing the new Google Glass frames. The frame itself also looks slightly smaller, which will probably help for those of us who wear prescription glasses who also want to wear Google Glass at the same time.

We’re sure Google meant well when it came up with the idea of the mono earbud, but it doesn’t seem like it’s being used practically on the new Google Glass. Hopefully the earbud is removable as we’d hate to have that thing dangle across our cheek if we decide we don’t want to use it.

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