htc-signWhile HTC has been primarily known for their smartphones, the Taiwanese company has in the past dabbled in Android tablets, such as the HTC Flyer from back in 2011. While it has been rumored that HTC had more tablets to announce, such devices did not materialize but that’s not to say there won’t be any in the future. Speaking during a joint interview with the Financial Times, HTC’s CEO Peter Chou and Chairwoman Cher Wang both hinted at some product categories that the company could be visiting in the future, such as wearable electronics i.e. smartwatches, as well as a re-entry into the tablet market. 

While both did not exactly confirm that such products were in the works, what they were quoted as saying definitely sounds like HTC might have something up their sleeves. During the interview, Chou was quoted as saying that the company had attempted wearable electronics in the past and had worked on a smartwatch-like device with Micrsoft several years ago which obviously did not work out. He was also quoted as saying that the current wearables market was “an opportunity for us”, and that it was an “area we are excited about.”

Wang also mentioned the possibility of tablets, stating that if and when HTC were to come out with a tablet, it would be “something nice and disruptive”. As it stands the tablet market is pretty saturated and we’re not sure if HTC will be able to compete in that segment, but as for wearable electronics, it certainly does seem like we could use more variety, but what do you guys think?

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