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Admit it: it looks good, doesn't it?

[MWC] HTC has launched its Flyer tablet at MWC: It is a 7” tablet that has an aluminum and plastic body. The design is clever as it makes it look thinner than it actually is. It was being demonstrated with a pen, but the pen is not actually integrated in the body. HTC has included HTC Sense for Tablets, a version of its Android “Add-on” adapted for larger displays. The goal is to use the extra screen real estate to bring more information to users, with Widgets for example. HTC was demonstrating a notes application that looked pretty good. You could type text, and draw in color in the same canvas. The drawing speed wasn’t superfast and I’ve seen better apps on the iPad, but it could be a nice tool for the casual user.

On the hardware side, the Tablet is powered by a single-core 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of memory, 32GB of onboard memory that can be extended further with the microSD slot. What about the battery life? HTC says that the tablet will stay alive for “two movies”.

Without a complete test, it’s hard to tell what the real-world usage is going to be as we need to test the actual performance as well, but we recommend to keep an eye on that *very* shiny screen and on the 3-4hrs (relatively short) battery life. The 1.5 Ghz frequency is also a bit curious as increasing that tends to deplete the battery faster – dual core and a lower frequency tend to be better for that.

In the meantime, HTC pull off another cool design that should attract the interest, if not the money, of tablet –lovers. What do you think?

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