If you’re a regular user of Google Chrome, you know how important its incognito mode can be to save some unnecessary embarrassment when you decide you need to search for something completely strange you would rather not let your family, friends or roommates be aware of. That’s why we thought you should know if you rely on the privacy of incognito mode in Google Chrome on your iOS device running iOS 7, you might want to hold off on using it for the time being.

Google Chrome on iOS 7 seems to contain a bug that doesn’t make its incognito mode as safe as you’d expect it to be. The bug is pretty simple as all you’ll need to do is search for something within incognito, which shouldn’t show up when you’re navigating outside of incognito mode. Unfortunately, searches done in incognito will pop up when you’re no longer in incognito mode, which should lead you to feel rather silly depending on what you previously searched for.

Fortunately for you, the bug seems to only be occurring on Google Chrome for iOS 7, which makes those embarrassing moments less likely considering if you happen to not share the same iOS device across multiple people. So iPhone and iPod Touch users probably have nothing to fear, although you shady iPad users should think twice before searching for weird stuff in Chrome’s incognito mode.

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