Don’t you just love concepts? We absolutely do. After all, when it comes to concepts, one does not have to think too much when it comes to hardware and software limitations at the moment, since you can go totally wild with your imagination, and let the engineers sort out whatever issues that would arise after that. It is fr this particular reason that we are interested in this short video that Microsoft released, where it depicted how a group of students over at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, were recruited simply to tap into their brains as they came up with concepts for “blades”. These “blades” happen to be the accessories which are able to hook up to the Surface range of tablets.

The video does offer a rather fascinating look into how these students were able to work all the way from concepts with their initial designs drawn on paper, to crude mock ups that came in a variety of shapes and sizes. Hey, isn’t variety the spice of life after all? Depending on which student you were to concentrate on, some of them came with a keyboard, while others had more interesting items such as a percussion and DJ set-up, an artist tool kit, a solar panel, a cash register and even a method so that a couple of folks are able to view a video in a 3D space. Will these concepts make it eventually to the market? Perhaps, but Microsoft does not have that much time to dabble around in the highly competitive tablet market space.

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