Mitsubishi Car Display System Sports Free Form Screen

mitsubishi-screen-1[CEATEC 2013] In-vehicle technology has certainly progressed by a fair amount these days, where we are starting to see Heads Up Display units being integrated in various ways depending on the manufacturer, not to mention a futuristic looking driving cockpit that is further augmented by the use of a smartphone. One thing is for sure, the kind of interactivity which we have with our devices are a whole lot more intuitive using touch and gesture controls, and here we are with Mitsubishi and their free form display that is intended to be used in a car display system.

The kind of in-vehicle display flexibility allows it to match different kinds of vehicle interiors, and best of all is, it sure as heck looks extremely futuristic. You cannot exactly see what is displayed from angles other than being directly in front of it though. According to the folks over at Mitsubishi, this free form car display system boasts of excellent resistance to high temperatures, vibration and shock – might as well considering we could see this in a 4WD one day. The colors were vivid, and it felt more like a scene out of a sci-fi movie than in an actual vehicle. There is no word on when Mitsubishi intends to see this hit the market in commercially available vehicles though, so we will just sit tight and hope.

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