ubergizmo-moto-x-smartphone-07Given that the smartphone market is starting to become saturated in some regions, creating newer and better phones sometimes isn’t the only answer, but providing customers with an easy method to jump ship could help, and that’s what Motorola appears to be doing with a new web tool the company launched just recently. The new web tool recently made its debut on the MotoMaker website and basically what it does is that it allows iPhone users to grab their data from iCloud, such as their contacts and calendar events, and transfer it effortlessly over onto their brand new Moto X handset.

According to Punit Soni, the VP of product management at Motorola Mobility, this is a tool offered to customers when they purchase the Moto X handset over at the MotoMaker website, allowing them to easily migrate their data from iCloud onto their new handset. It is a pretty good idea and while it might not make iPhone users jump ship in droves onto the Moto X device, its convenience might be welcome to iPhone users who were looking to switch platforms but were a bit hesitant due to the amount of data that they might have to manually sync if they were to switch from iCloud to Google’s own cloud services.

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