bbm-sept18BlackBerry was meant to roll out BBM for iOS and Android a while back, but due to apparent technical reasons that followed the leak of the Android app, the company decided to halt the roll out. No word on when the app will be released to the masses again, but BlackBerry has reaffirmed their commitment to releasing the app, and now according to reports, BlackBerry has begun seeding a beta version of a new BBM app to its Android testers. While this still means that users will have to wait for a final version of the app to make its way onto their phones, it’s good to know that at least there is some progress going on.

Naturally this new beta has had some changes made to the app, at least different from what was previously seen. It will sport a new welcome screen that displays the different notifications, bug fixes, and a slightly more polished UI (we’re basing this on reports, we haven’t seen it for ourselves yet). The app was meant to be released a couple of weeks ago, but the leaked version of the app apparently caused some problems on BlackBerry’s end which is why they halted it. However those who successfully downloaded it and the iOS version are free to continue using the service, but for everyone else, it looks like you guys will have to wait.

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