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BlackBerry Messenger Has Been Officially Shut Down
Before apps like WhatsApp and iMessage were around, BlackBerry Messenger (also known as BBM) was one of the most popular messenger services around. This is because the app had used encryption to help protect messages sent between devices before it became a standard across messenger apps today.

BlackBerry Messenger Will Shut Down On May 31st, 2019
Long before there was WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, there was BlackBerry Messenger. It enabled BlackBerry device owners to easily chat with each other and share content. The world has changed a lot over the past decade and BlackBerry is no longer the king of the phone market. It’s not even a player anymore and while it tried to keep BBM alive, it’s now admitting defeat on this front.

BBM Desktop Beta Announced For Android Users
Messenger apps used to exist heavily on computers back in the day where we had the likes of ICQ, IRC, AIM, Skype, and so on. While chat apps for desktops still exist, it seems that there is an increased focus from mobile apps to bring their apps onto desktop. We’ve seen this with WhatsApp, LINE, KakaoTalk, and so on.

PayPal Discontinues The Ability To Send Money Via BBM
A couple of years ago, PayPal launched the ability for users of BBM to send money through the messenger using PayPal’s platform. However it looks like that feature has come to an end. In an announcement by PayPal, they have discontinued the service which actually came into effect on the 6th of February, 2018.


BBM Users Can Now Hail An Uber Within The App
On our smartphones, basically every app has its own purpose, which means that if you wanted to calculate something, you’d have to interrupt whatever you’re doing to pull up the calculator app. However we’ve started to see companies try to integrate more functions within their apps, like Google Maps and Uber.

BBM Video Calling Goes Live In Asia-Pacific
BlackBerry has been rolling out the beta version of BBM Video over the past few weeks. The feature has already been introduced in the United States and Canada, it enables people using iPhones and Android devices to make video calls to each other. The feature is already available to BlackBerry 10 OS users. The company has announced that BlackBerry Messenger video calling is now live in the Asia-Pacific region.

WhatsApp Found To Be The Most Popular Messaging App In The World
In certain countries, there are certain messaging apps that users prefer. For example over in Thailand, messaging apps like LINE are more popular, while over in China, they might prefer WeChat. However generally speaking, a report from Similar Web has found that WhatsApp remains the most popular messaging app in the world.

BBM Video Chat Makes Its Way Onto iOS And Android
Looking to make video chats on your smartphone? There are plenty of apps that can do that, like LINE, Skype, FaceTime, and if the rumors are to be believed, it looks like WhatsApp could soon be gaining video calling features as well. However if you are a BBM user, you might be pleased to learn that the video chat feature is rolling out to both iOS and Android devices as […]

BBM For Android Finally Gets Video Chat In Beta
BlackBerry Messenger users on BlackBerry 10-powered devices have been able to make video calls for quite some time now, but this feature hasn’t been expanded to iOS and Android users as yet, even though they now form a significant chunk of the messaging service’s user base. That changes today as a new update of BBM for Android has been released which finally brings the video chat feature in beta.

BlackBerry Now Offering BBM Privacy Features For Free
For over a decade, BlackBerry Messenger was kept limited to the company’s own handsets. It was only later when the company realized that it needed to take the messaging service cross-platform or risk losing more than it already had to rivals like WhatsApp and Kik. BBM has done relatively well since it arrived on iOS and Android. BlackBerry has now updated the app to make some BBM privacy features free […]

BlackBerry & Barclays Pingit Lets BBM Users Make Mobile Payments
The idea of sending money via BBM isn’t new. In fact back in 2013, BlackBerry tested out that idea in Indonesia with its BBM Money feature. Last year the company also teamed up with PayPal in which users could also send each other money via BBM that is facilitated by PayPal, and now it looks like BBM has gotten a new partner.

Sean Penn Used BBM To Contact A Drug Lord
If at any point you’ve been on social media today then you might have heard that notorious drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán Loera was recently recaptured after he made an escape from prison last year. Hollywood great Sean Penn actually met with the drug lord when he was on the run and it turns out that BlackBerry Messenger was pivotal to their communications.

Latest BBM Update Brings About More Privacy & Security
BlackBerry is known for several things, such as its physical keyboards which for the most part have been a pleasure to use. They are also known for their software services like BES and BBM, both of which are predicated on security and this is something that BlackBerry has constantly advertised in the past.Recently the company had issued an update to BBM which according to them, will make the messaging app […]

BBM Comes To Apple Watch
Slowly but surely apps and services are coming to Apple Watch, Apple’s first smartwatch that was released only a few months ago. We’ve seen services like Google Maps on the wearable device while multiple cross-platform messaging services are already available, another one joins the list today. A new update for BBM has been pushed out which includes support for the Apple Watch.

BlackBerry Could Be Planning Subscription-based BBM Sticker Packs
Stickers are a fun way to spice up your text messages. They’re like emojis but bigger, and in some instances animated as well. We’ve seen apps such as Facebook Messenger, LINE, KakaoTalk, introduce stickers, and it wasn’t too long ago that BBM introduced stickers as well. However it looks like BlackBerry wants to try and monetize it by creating some kind of subscription plan.According to reports, it has been noticed […]

July Was One Of The Strongest Months For BlackBerry Messenger Growth
BlackBerry’s hardware division hasn’t exactly been doing well over the past couple of years but the company did make one good decision and that was to spinoff BlackBerry Messenger as a separate division. This has allowed the company to improve its cross-platform messaging service considerably and add more value to it. As the company gears up to celebrate BBM’s 10th birthday this month it has revealed that July was one […]

BBM Users Will Soon Be Able To Send Money Using PayPal
Spinning off BBM as a separate division was a good move by BlackBerry, it enabled the cross-platform instant messenger to quickly expand its user base and also receive innovative new features that were previously not available. It already facilities instant mobile payments through BBM Money and even has the option to send prepaid mobile credit in certain markets. Soon BBM users will be able to send money to each other […]

Major BBM Update Rolls Out Across All Platforms
Over the past couple of months, BlackBerry has been working on several new features for the BBM messaging client, such as Private Chat. Well the good news is that if you’re a fan of BBM and were looking forward to this update, you’re in luck as BlackBerry has officially announced that they will be rolling out the update across all devices.The update will finally introduce Private Chat to users who […]

Latest BBM Beta For iOS Introduces Private Chat Feature
It seems that BlackBerry’s BBM messaging platform has been placing a lot of emphasis on privacy. According to the latest BBM Beta for iOS, it looks like the company has added a new feature in the form of Private Chat. As the name implies, this allows users to create a private chat where contact information is hidden and where message notifications are delivered discreetly.Messages will also be erased upon when […]

BBM For Android Beta Gets Material Design Makeover
If you might recall, last week the official BBM Twitter account teased that something new was coming along with an image of an icon. It was unconfirmed at that time but many had speculated that the BBM for Android app could be getting a material design makeover. It looks like the speculators were right as BlackBerry has officially announced it on their blog.As you can see in the image above, […]