Before apps like WhatsApp and iMessage were around, BlackBerry Messenger (also known as BBM) was one of the most popular messenger services around. This is because the app had used encryption to help protect messages sent between devices before it became a standard across messenger apps today.

It was also exclusive to BlackBerry devices which we imagine helped sales of the company’s handsets back in the day. However, with the introduction of newer messenger services, BlackBerry Messenger has lost its appeal over the years, which is why it did not come as a surprise to learn that the app would be shutting down.

As previously promised, the app would be shutting down on the 31st of May, 2019, which means that by now users should not be able to use its services. According to the announcement, “PING !!! Today is the last day to use BBM Thank you for all the support and memories that you have spent together with BBM As an alternative, you can use BBM Enterprise.”

It is a bit of a pity to see BlackBerry Messenger shut down after a decade or more of being in service, but we suppose that’s the way the industry works. In the meantime, Google is working on an improved version of text messages with Android Messages.

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