Old BlackBerry Devices Get A New Lease On Life As A ChandelierWe have seen in the past how old gadgets can be recycled into a useful product, like how old iMac G3s found a new lease on life as ceiling lamps. Now it looks like old BlackBerry devices are also getting a new lease on life but as chandeliers instead, thanks to designer Michael McHale who decided to use a new “material” to create his chandelier. McHale typically turns to other materials such as old pipes and gas fittings to create his recycled chandeliers, but decided to turn to discarded BlackBerry phones for this limited run of chandeliers. This is part of a series whose goal is to collect “discarded objects in order to make something beautiful.”

While we’re not sure if we would call the above creation “beautiful”, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is definitely unique and a pretty good idea. Based on the photo, we can spot some older BlackBerry models such as the 8800s, 8500-series, and what looks like a BlackBerry Tour thrown into the mix. We’re not sure how much this creation would cost you, but if you would like more information, perhaps even get a quote from McHale on how much this chandelier would set you back, hit up his website for the details, although given his other products, we expect this won’t come cheap!

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