imac_ceiling_lightsThe old iMac G3’s are a stark contrast to the design of the iMacs today. While the iMacs today feature a more professional and elegant design of glass and metal, the iMac G3s were the complete opposite with translucent plastic bodies and came in a variety of bright and eye-catching colors. We can imagine there aren’t too many iMac G3s in use these days, so what can one do with old and possibly broken iMac G3s? Turn them into ceiling lamps, of course! The photo above was shot by Jenny Serwylo, and as it turns out, those iMac G3s are actually hanging in the office she works at, G Adventures in Toronto, Ontario. We can only assume that these G3s have been hollowed out otherwise they might be in danger of falling due to their weight! We can’t speak as to how well these iMac G3 lamps light up the room, or if they’re more for decoration, but we have to admit that it is pretty clever.

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