supremacyWe’re sure many gamers out there are curious about their favorite game’s developers and what they are up to next. Naturally these plans are usually kept a secret until it’s time to unveil them, but we suppose some are just too eager and in the case of Riot Games’ CEO, Marc Merrill, he had his Twitter account hacked by a hacker who refers to himself as simply “Jason”. While masquerading as Merrill, Jason took the opportunity to reveal one of the developer’s games which was called, League of Legends: Supremacy. The title was trademarked back in 2012 and while some speculated it could be a new mode for the game, it turns out that Supremacy is more of a trading card type of game.

The hacker threatened to release all the artwork from the game, but surprisingly did not follow through. Merrill has since confirmed that his account was indeed hacked and that the screenshots released by the hacker were that from one of the many prototypes that Riot Games was experimenting with. It is unclear if Supremacy will ever see the light of day, but for now it looks like at least part of their plans, past or future, has been revealed, but what do you guys think? Would a League of Legends trading card game be something you might be interested in?

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