Its not that hard to find accessories for your favorite device, particularly if your device is a popular one made by a big behemoth, such as Samsung. An online search for Galaxy S4 accessories would turn up thousands of results, but if a new report from Korean publication ETNews is to be believed, Samsung may be looking to block all inauthentic accessories. It is said that Samsung might be considering adding a chip on its devices and approved accessories to ensure that only authentic accessories work with its devices.

Rumors about this move come after multiple reports of swollen and exploding batteries, as well issues caused by a various accessories available in the grey market. Searching for replacement batteries online brings up products from a number of manufacturers, even those that don’t make authentic accessories. Counterfeit products such as batteries or chargers can cause grave harm to the users, as evident from the multiple fatal cases reported in China that resulted in deaths of people who used fake iPhone chargers. It is said that Samsung might distribute chips to “approved suppliers,” and that accessories made by them would be the only ones fully compatible with its devices. ETNews also speculates that perhaps the recently launched Galaxy Note 3 already contains such a chip but its currently dormant. There’s no confirmation of this as yet, Samsung hasn’t commented on this report.

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