Last week two reports came in from China, one of a flight attendant who died due to electrocution and the other of a man who went in to a coma after being electrocuted. There was a common denominator in both of these incidents, an iPhone 4 that was being charged through an unofficial charger. Apple launched an investigation in to the matter after the first report came in. The company has now posted an update on its Chinese website, urging customers to only use official charges for recharging their Apple devices.

It doesn’t come as a surprise to see that fake Apple chargers are making the rounds in China. The country is notorious for being flooded with counterfeit products, clones of Apple devices are a dime a dozen over there. Even entire Apple Retail Stores have been cloned in the country. Incidents like these can reflect badly on the company, but in both cases Apple had no direct liability since its products were not the cause of harm. It really goes without saying that unofficial charges should not be used with Apple devices, or any electronic device for that matter.

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