Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has launched to positive reviews, customers who’ve picked up the device don’t seem to be bothered by any quirks or issues. That’s not entirely the case for those who opted for a Galaxy Note 3 from Sprint. The carrier’s official support forums are full of subscribers complaining about terrible call quality on their latest Samsung phablet, running on Sprint’s network. The carrier has said that this issue has come under the spotlight and has been relayed to the people who have the necessary power to investigate it.

The issue doesn’t seem to stem from faulty hardware it seems. Sprint subscribers who’ve complained about this issue say that its not the earpiece or the microphone, its with the calls, which are said to be cracky and full of distortion. The issue seems to be limited to Galaxy Note 3 only, those who’ve used replacement devices complain that the issue remains unaffected. No call quality problems are being reported with VoIP services, which rules out all possibilities of a hardware based issue. So its likely that this is a software related issue, one that can be fixed through a firmware update, though its anybodys guess when such an update is going to be rolled out. Sprint is currently investigating the issue. Calling Samsung for help won’t do any good, the manufacturer is relaying all complaints back to Sprint right now. Have you faced the same issue on your Sprint Galaxy Note 3?

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