Twitter has been the social network for those of us who want a more simple interface than Facebook and Google+ provide. Twitter allows its users to communicate in a very easy way and has been used as sources for news stories for several years now. Yesterday, Twitter announced it would allow a users’ follower to send them a direct message┬áif they don’t follow that user back, which according to All Things D, might be a precursor to the service launching its own standalone application to interact with Twitter messages.

All Things D cites an anonymous source in a newly published report saying Twitter’s messages will be receiving an overhaul “in the near future.” The overhaul would result in a standalone app similar to what we’ve seen from competing services such as WhatsApp, Kik and even Facebook’s own dedicated messaging application.

Considering how popular Twitter is, we’d be interested to see where they take its direct messages since it’s an option that hasn’t been used by as many users as the service would probably like. Opening direct messages up to allow people who don’t follow you to contact you is definitely a step in the right direction, but it’s still to be seen just how many Twitter users would flock to a dedicated messaging application using their own ecosystem.

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