Customers are undoubtedly important for every business, and it has been said that there are times when losing a customer actually costs more than signing on a new one, so it is unsurprising that AT&T and T-Mobile have recently taken to Twitter where both companies have fought rather vigorously over a single customer. The customer in question, Jay Rooney, was a little upset that AT&T charged him extra for overseas data usage, unlike T-Mobile, and questioned his decision to stay with the carrier. T-Mobile responded to Rooney on Twitter, and invited him over to T-Mobile’s network.

AT&T was obviously not going to take this lying down and replied by saying that T-Mobile is a “dark” and “scary” carrier. The exchanges went back and forth and T-Mobile’s CEO, John Legere, stepped in personally which pretty much sealed the deal for Rooney, who stated on his Twitter that he would be heading to a T-Mobile store to inquire about possibly switching carriers. This whole back and forth between AT&T and T-Mobile is pretty surprising, especially given that it was a couple of years ago when both companies were on the cusp of merging and had nothing but nice things to say about each other and their potential partnership.

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