dropbox-8bI would suppose that as a company, the suits at the top would always seek out the best result in any deal. Dropbox is no different, either, although the company might have just raised an eyebrow or two with plans to raise additional money (touted to be in the region of at least $250 million in the weeks to come by those who claim to be in the know), while sporting a valuation that stands at a minimum of $8 billion – which would be more than double in its previous round that closed in October a couple of years ago.

Ana Andreescu, a Dropbox spokeswoman, when enquired concerning the funding round, said, “What we can say is that with over 200 million users and 4 million businesses, Dropbox has continued and strong momentum.” Do you think that $8 billion is thinking too highly of itself as a company? Dropbox CEO and co-founder Houston was touted to have been bragging recently that the company has not spent all of the money it raised in the previous round of funding, but could make do with a cash infusion in order to bring its growing ambitions to new heights. What do you think of Dropbox and its self evaluation? $8 billion certainly sounds like a whole lot, won’t you say so?

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