Password managers are incredibly useful tools as it not only helps users remember their passwords to a variety of websites, but some even help users generate strong passwords that will make it difficult for hackers to attempt to guess them. Right now some of the more popular options include 1Password and LastPass.

There are also others built into platforms like Apple’s iCloud Keychain and also Google Chrome’s ability to remember passwords for websites. Now according to a sighting by Android Police, it looks like Dropbox wants in on the action as well as the company has since taken the wraps off a brand new password manager app that they released in the Google Play Store.

Dubbed Dropbox Password, it seems like this is a pretty straightforward app that will do what most password managers can do. However, it seems that for now, Dropbox is only testing it out because the app has been labeled as Early Access, meaning that only those who have been invited to test the app will be able to use it.

This means that for the most part, we’re still not 100% sure of what it offers, but from the description and screenshots, it will have basic password manager capabilities. Hopefully Dropbox will open the app up to more users soon, but in the meantime, you can check out our guide here on how to use a password manager if the concept is new to you.

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