Dropbox is a cloud storage service and on your computer, it’s essentially like a folder connected to the internet where you can drop things in there and retrieve them on any other device that you’re signed into using your Dropbox account. However, Dropbox wants to be more than just a folder for your files.

The company has announced via a blog post that they are making some big changes in which it will make it easier for users to manage their files through automation, tagging, and more. For example with automation, Dropbox will let users create automation folders where when files are added to it, they can automatically name, sort, and tag the contents inside of it.

This means when you drag a bunch of files into the folder, based on their date of creation, the folder will automatically put them into folders based on the date so you can quickly find them whenever you need, even if it was created months or years ago.

Users will also be able to tag their files which is an alternative to folders, so for example you could tag all your invoices with the “invoices” tag, so regardless of who the invoice was created for, you can search for all of it at once using tags. As Dropbox notes, this might be helpful in instances where you might have forgotten the name of the file.

According to Dropbox, these features are rolling out to Dropbox teams first, before they are pushed out to users on individual or Dropbox Family plans.

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