foxconn-workersIf you’re the type of consumer that worries about where their products come from and whether it is made under ethical conditions, such as no mistreatment of their workers, you might be interested to learn that manufacturer Foxconn will soon be opening up shop in the US. The company has revealed that they are looking to invest $40 million in a new factory in Pennsylvania, with $30 million going towards the factory itself, while the remaining $10 million will go towards R&D efforts at the Pittsburgh Carnegie Mellon University.

Foxconn manufactures for a lot of big companies, such as Apple and Sony, just to name a few. We’re not sure if Apple’s products will be transferred to Foxconn’s new factory in the US, but it seems that Foxconn is hopping aboard the bandwagon where a lot of companies are starting to shift their manufacturing efforts back to the US. We have seen how Apple will be bringing advanced sapphire manufacturing to the US, and will also see the new Mac Pro assembled in the US, as opposed to countries such as China or Brazil. Motorola has also shifted their efforts back to the US with the Moto X.

Foxconn has been under fire many times for alleged mistreatment of their workers, but hopefully with the shift to the US, where labor laws are stricter, they will be able to prove that they are able to operate under “normal” conditions as well.

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