iphone-5s-review-006It was last week when we brought you word that Apple is looking to build up a components factory in Arizona that will be a part of their new advanced sapphire manufacturing facility. This is feel good news for sure, where the components plant is touted to create over 2,000 jobs in the near future, where 700 of these will happen in the first year, not to mention another 1,300 construction jobs in tow. What was not revealed then was this – the sapphire manufacturing facility will run completely on renewable energy, now how about that for going green? At least it is still staffed by humans and not robots.

This particular Apple factory will run on solar power alone, where its main function is to create the sapphire crystals that are used in some of their devices, including the now famous fingerprint scanner on the recently introduced iPhone 5s. This is right after Apple announced that they are willing to invest another $100 million in US production later this year, where many folks did figure out it could very well be a public relations stunt at that point in time since Apple is right now worth over a whopping $100 billion. Still, this could be a blueprint for green manufacturing facilities down the road.

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